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Saint Nicholas is a full stewarship parish that requires no minimum pledge in order to be a member.  Our annual Stewarship Pledge Drive occurs in the fall.  Members may complete a Stewardship Pledge Card at any time. 

What is Stewardship?
The Christian Stewardship Program is an opportunity to respond to Christ's love by perpetuating His ministry through the Church. Stewardship places the responsibility to support the Church exactly where it belongs, on us. The Old Testament laid down the standard of the tithe or 10% of one's income. This provides us with the principle that giving should be a proportion of our income. Each Steward should determine what percentage of his or her income will be committed to Christ and the Church. Stewardship is the meaningful use of our God-given time, talents, and treasures. Christian stewards serve God out of love and gratitude, acknowledging that everything we have belongs to Him. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. God gives us temporary custody of material wealth and talents, which we must use responsibly, always remembering the words we hear repeatedly during the Liturgy: “Let us commit our whole life to Christ our God.”

What does the Bible Say?
The Old Testament has given us a guideline from long ago whereby God’s people had the opportunity to participate in the sacramentality of life by offering back a portion of what God had given to them. As such, tithing is more than just an act of obedience. It is an act of worship.
One area which clearly comes under this sacramental perspective is our substance, our wealth and possessions. God not only provides us with the financial means necessary for our existence (Matthew 6:24-34), He also expects us to use these means wisely and compassionately in the advancement of His Kingdom (1 John 3:17). Thus, giving and receiving have a direct and immediate impact upon our relationship with our Creator.

Is my Stewardship Confidential?
Yes, your stewardship commitment is kept in confidence.

What if I make a commitment and my circumstances change?
We understand if circumstances change. You can make changes by calling the church office at 422-5600. Your stewardship commitment is not a contract but a commitment between You and God.

Is my commitment that important?
Yes, your stewardship allows the church to grow for his Glory. Each of us as Orthodox Christians is called by God to share in the ministry of the Church. Conscientious giving of our time, talents and treasures through faithful stewardship is our means of following the teaching of Christ to love one another and of supporting our parish, archdiocesan ministries, and international missionary and charitable activities.




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