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Visitors are always welcome at St. Nicholas.  During the week, St. Nicholas is typically open for prayer from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  Our Sunday scheduled services are:


Orthros:  8:45 a.m.

Divine Liturgy: 10:00 a.m.



Who We Are:


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is a vibrant community of men and women from every background and age.  The Church family continally searches for dynamic ways to serve the Lord, manifest the light of Chirst to the world and try to address the needs of all of God's people.  St. Nicholas faithfully comes together at the Divine Liturgy every Sunday "In Person", or "Online" to worship the Lord; and in this light discover the manner and means by which to better know Him and do His will.  We welcome you in our Church family!  We have many Ministries and Educational Ministries.  For information regarding our ministries, please call our church office at (757) 422-5600. 

While Covid-19 cases increase in our Country, and while Church continues to look and feel different, let us support each other and not lose hope in the Lord.  We continue to pray for all of you and your loved ones. 

All who are watching us "online" and would like to receive communion or a blessing, make a confession, please be reminded that you are most welcome to schedule those for a private time with Fr. John.

If you are coming to the Divine Liturgy on Sunday's please make sure you email the church office ahead of time to sign up for the service at secretary@stnicksgoc.org

For all services during this pandemic, masks should be worn when coming into the Church.  Your temperature will be taken at each service when you enter the Church.  We will abide by social distancing at all our services.  We continue in this together, and God is with us. 


We will be streaming services on Youtube:  

- Our channel is "St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Virginia Beach"

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTA4R3vumNL7WLFb1qYeJYw






St. Nicholas GOC 4th & 5th Grade Sunday School Fundraiser

Gingerbread House Auction


Welcome to the 2020 St. Nicholas Gingerbread House Auction! This year we are doing things differently, but our objective is the same; to raise money for charity. 

Our goal for this year is $1,500.

The charity we are supporting this year is AIDNOW, which is a local non-profit faith based organization who partners with Virginia Beach Public School's Social Work Services to help homeless K-12 students through AIDNOW's Jump Start Program. In 2020, AIDNOW launched a Famies4Families (F4F) program to help families who were financially impacted by COVID. Over the years, AIDNOW has made a direct impact to lives of thousands of kids and families within our local community; we are blessed to be able to support this great organization. 

There are 26 Gingerbread houses that have been made by the children of the 4th & 5th grade Sunday School class and their families.  The kids were very excited to be directly involved in helping to raise money for a local charity and this would not have been possible without them and their families. THANK YOU!!! Louisa Cook and Ginny Passaris are their teachers and we are grateful to them for coming up with and organizing the fundraiser for this year.

So let the auction, fun, and fundraising begin!

Go to www.biddingowl.com/StNicholasGOC to place a bid!


  • The auction begins at 1:00 pm on Wednesday December 16th and ends at 9:00 pm on Sunday December 20th.
  • To participate in the auction, please click on the this link:  ,https://www.biddingowl.com/StNicholasGOC which will take you to the home page for our auction. (you can view all of the gingerbread houses by clicking on the ‘View items” in the upper left corner. 
  • To participate in the auction, you must create a “bidder” user name and password.  Click on “my account” in the upper right corner to begin.
  • When setting up your username, you can select if you want to be notified by text or email for auction updates.
  • Upon entering your username and password, in the upper left corner click on the “View Items” in green.  
  • Select all items.
  • You are now able to view and bid on the 26 different gingerbread houses displayed. (please note there is no item #13)
  • Once you have identified the gingerbread house(s) you want to bid on, simply click on the item and enter either a beginning bid or increase the existing bid.
  • You have the ability of entering a range for your bid, such as $20 - $60.  If someone increases your bid, the system will automatically increase yours to the established maximum, in this example $60.
  • If someone makes a bid in excess of yours, you will be notified by text or email (whichever you selected when setting up your username) allowing you to increase your bid. 
  • Once the auction ends, you will be notified if you are the winning bidder by text or email.
  • Payments will be brought to the church when you pick up your gingerbread house; they can either be paid by cash or check (made payable to St. Nicholas GOC).


If you have any questions, please contact Louisa Cook at 757.641.3223 or Danny Cook at 757.650.0202.


Thank you for supporting our annual Gingerbread Auction Fundraiser!


The Philoptochos has a new Marketplace, “Trader Nick’s Agora”

Check them out every Sunday after Worship


The ladies have been working and creating beautiful handmade gifts for you to purchase this Christmas Season.  They have something for everyone on your list.  What a great way to shop safely and no lines!  Gifts for your home, ornaments, games, jewelry, beach gifts, and art work by a former parishioner. 


You can even create a gift basket (small or large), with food from Trader Nick’s and must haves from their holiday gifts.  Purchase for a hostess gift, or someone who you never can decide what to buy them.  The ladies will assemble and wrap for you!


If you want to buy a gift certificate to Trader Nick’s, you can purchase one as well.  Please check us out on Sunday and support the Philoptochos who gives back to our local, national and inter-national ministries!



God Bless,

Elaine Galanides



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