Greek Language & Culture School

Greek School Starts September 16th

Each generation is getting less and less of our Greek culture passed down to them. Language, history, legends and myths,

music and dances, traditions…...slowly are fading away.   


Culture Curriculum

Appreciation of the culture, traditions, history and georgraphy of Greece. Clebrations, Customs and Traditions, History and



Greek School only $250.00 per year/1 child. $400.00 per year/2 children. $550.00 per year/3 children.


Greek School meets every Monday at 5 p.m. Greek School will be closed on the same days as the Virginia Beach Public Schools unless otherwise coordinated with the teacher.

Registration Forms are available on the Narthex Table! 

Greek School Registration files/St--Nicholas-Greek-School-Registration-Form-2019.docx (15kb)

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