Camp Good Shepherd - Virginia 2021:


When? Sunday, July 4th - Saturday, July 10th


Where? CGS - VA takes place at Camp Piankatank (1586 Stampers Bay Rd, Hartfield, VA 23071) about 30 minutes north of Glouster point on the middle peninsula, or about 1.5 hours from Annunciation, Norfolk or 1.5 hours from Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedral in Richmond. The camp is a stunning property located right along the Piankatank River.


Ages? Completed 5th grade/11 years old through 12th Grade

Who? Camp is for kids who have completed 5th grade through 12th grade. Campers will be placed in cabins with trained and certified counselors, with campers of their own age and gender.


Do you need to be from Virginia? Of course not! That just happens to be our name and where we are based! 

Cost Per Camper? $450 for families sending one camper, $425 for families sending two campers and $400 for families sending three or more campers. Funds are available for scholarships upon request and will be awarded discreetly.


How do we register? The official registration will be sent out in the beginning of June, for now though we have created a preregistration form. Please take the time to fill this out so we have a good idea of numbers for the week.


 Click Here to preregister your camper(s)

Preregistration for Camp Good Shepherd - VA Summer 2021 (



What COVID Precautions will be followed? The state of the pandemic as well as the guidelines put out from the CDC and the Commonwealth are continuing to progress. Our precautions in place are according to the situation at this moment. These may change and ease up as we get closer to the time of camp, however. No matter what though, it is our intention to be stricter than what the Commonwealth may require out of an abundance of safety for the campers and staff. Please see attached PDF for an in depth description of COVID precautions and guidelines


Questions? Email or call Fr. John Manuel at (804)615-9065


Visit the Camp Good Shepherd - Virginia Facebook page for updates: