After funeral service, memorial services are available to commemorate the memory of a loved one. Families holding memorial services should bring koliva to the memorial service or contact the church office to request koliva from one of the parishioners of the church.

Please contact the church office as soon as possible to schedule these memorials.

  • Typical Memorial Service Schedule
  • On the 40th day
  • At the one-year anniversary
  • At the second-year anniversary
  • At the third-year anniversary
  • On the Saturday of Souls

Memorial Services may not held on:

  • All Holy Days of our Lord (including Christmas, Epiphany, Pascha, Transfiguration)
  • From the Saturday of Lazarus to and including St. Thomas Sunday
  • Pentecost Sunday
  • The Dormition (August 15th)

Memorial Donations

Many of our parishioners and their families request Memorial Donations to be designated to the Church in commemoration of their loved one. Please notify our priest and the church office should a memorial donation request be desired.

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