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Prepping for Our Journey to Pascha
The Triodion period before Great Lent helps us prepare for our long journey to Pascha and, ultimately, the Kingdom.
22 February 2017

Prayer of Saint Philaret
The Morning Prayer of Saint Philaret of Moscow brings our attention to our inner life, to the will of God, and to how we treat our neighbor.
8 February 2017

Why Orthodox Christians Should Do Their Genealogy
The theology of the Orthodox Church makes a good case for why every Orthodox Christian should study his or her family history.
18 January 2017

An Orthodox Guide to New Year’s Resolutions
Each year, we make lofty resolutions we hope to keep. What should Orthodox Christians keep in mind at the start of the new year?
4 January 2017

Why Jesus Came at Christmas
Why do we celebrate Christmas every year? Jesus gives several reasons why He came into the world.
21 December 2016

Three Lessons from Saint Porphyrios
Saint Porphyrios is a modern saint who speaks to our society today. Here are three lessons that can help us in our relationship with Christ.
14 December 2016

Saving Room for Christ
The Advent season is filled with so much commotion that we can fill up on Christmastime and forget to save room for Christ.
7 December 2016

Giving Thanks Even During the Holidays
The holidays can be a challenge for many of us. Here are three things that we can do to give thanks when we struggle to find the words.
23 November 2016

Orthodox Christians, Politics, and Life After Election 2016
How do Orthodox Christians relate to our political leaders, and how do we move on after a divisive presidential election?
16 November 2016

A Church for Healing
Jesus was known as a healer, but does He still heal today?
9 November 2016

When People Hurt Us
When someone hurts us – whether physically or emotionally – we have a choice of how to respond and to move forward. How do we forgive and let go of this pain?
2 November 2016

The Role of Parents in Youth Ministry
Having programs and ministries for youth and young adults can never replace the role of the parent in cultivating and modeling a love for Christ.
26 October 2016

Grappling with Pain and Suffering
Pain and suffering are part of our experience in this world. Here are some ways Orthodox Christians make sense of it all.
19 October 2016

Being in the World but Not of the World
It can be hard to balance our identity as Orthodox Christians and as members of our society. What does it look like when we are living in the world but aren’t of the world?
5 October 2016

Why I'm an Orthodox Christian
Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I an Orthodox Christian?”? Here are some things that keep me coming back.
28 Sept 2016

Strength in Weakness
In times of temptation, when we can only focus on our own imperfection or limitations, here are three ways to find strength in our weakness.
21 September 2016

Making Home a Little Church
Whether we are married or single, we are all called to make our home a “little church”: to bring our experience of Christ on Sunday into our daily life.
14 September 2016

Finding Stability During Transition
Change and transition can be destabilizing for many of us. Here are three things we can do to keep our feet on solid ground when life seems to trip us up.
7 September 2016

Mother's Day on August 15
We celebrate the Virgin Mary, our mother, every year on August 15th. Since this is one of the Church’s greatest feasts, let’s reflect on what this teaches us about all mothers.
10 August 2016

Finding Hope Even in 2016
This year has already proven to be a challenging one. So how can we hold on to our Christian hope even in the midst of all the world’s pain and suffering?
3 August 2016

Why Long Distance Relationships Fail
Many of us struggle with long distance friendships and romantic relationships. It’s hard to make them work. So why would it be any different with Jesus?
20 July 2016

Reflections on a Modern Saint
We’re so used to saints being from centuries ago, that we forget that God makes saints today! Here are some reflections on Saint Paisios the Athonite.
13 July 2016

Ripe for Revival
Sometimes our parishes don’t seem as collectively on fire for Christ as we could be. Here’s what we personally can do to change that.
6 July 2016

Four Things to Stay Connected During the Summer
The summer can either be a time of disconnection or of connection to our faith. Here are four ways you can connect to Christ and to the Church this summer.
29 June 2016

Three Things in Common Between the Twelve Steps & Orthodoxy
Now that we’ve looked at the Twelve Steps of recovery and how they parallel with Orthodox Christian teaching, let’s look at three principles shared by both.
15 June 2016

Addiction, Sin, & Bad Habits Part 3: Making Amends and the Christian Life
The remaining steps call us to make amends to others, to continue to work on our relationships with others and with God, and to share our story with others.
8 June 2016

Addiction, Sin, & Bad Habits Part 2: Making Lists and Letting Go
We have a tendency to hold on to fears and resentments from our past. These next four steps help us to list them out, share them with another person, and then trust in God to take them from us.
1 June 2016

Addiction, Sin, & Bad Habits: What We Can All Learn From the 12 Steps
Not everyone is an addict, but everyone does struggle in some way with sin and bad habits. Here is Part 1 in a series on what everyone can learn from the 12 Steps of recovery from addiction.
25 May 2016

Understanding Life After Death
After we have lost someone, it’s natural to wonder what happens to them after death. Where does the soul go, and what is heaven like? So let’s reflect on an Orthodox understanding of life after death.
20 April 2016

How to Handle Sadness and Grief
Everyone faces sadness and grief. But Christians are called to handle them differently in light of the Gospel. Here’s a reflection on how we can navigate these unpopular feelings.
8 April 2016

Three Common Misconceptions about Confession
Many wonder if repentance alone is enough and if it’s really necessary to go to Confession. Here are some reasons why Confession maters.
24 March 2016

Three Ways to Spot Authentic Forgiveness
It can be hard for us to forgive others, but forgiveness is vital to the Christian life. Here are three ways to spot authentic forgiveness.
18 March 2016

Boundaries: Healthy Limits or Barriers to Relationships?
Boundaries are an important aspect of our lives. Here are some things to reflect on to improve your relationships with others.
9 March 2016

Three Steps For Success in Making a Difficult Decision
Young people make a lot of important decisions about their lives from their teens through their 20s. The Old Testament book of 2 Maccabees teaches us the steps we should take if we want to make the right decisions.
4 March 2016

Three Lessons Friends Can learn From The Old Testament
The Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi shows us that there’s a lot we can learn from making friends with those who are different from us.
24 February 2016

Two Things to Remember in the Face of Doubt
As we get older, it can be hard to hold onto the faith of our youth. Here are two things to remember in the face of doubt.
17 February 2016

With the “Fear of God”: Three Things Awe of God Can Teach Us
We hear “with the fear of God” every Divine Liturgy, but what does it mean if we worship a God of love?
5 February 2016

Three Things that Make Faith Personal (Yet Not Private)
The Orthodox spiritual life is about cultivating a personal relationship with Christ rooted in community.
27 January 2016

Three Idols We Set Up in Place of Christ
Being a Christian is more than vague spirituality or dry religiosity. It’s about a true spiritual life in Christ. Here are three things that get in the way of that.
15 January 2016

Being Comfortable with Stability
Between holiday small talk and New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to misjudge our current life situation and forget to see God’s work in our lives. Here are some things we can do to get comfortable with stability.
8 January 2016

Finding Rest in a Restless World
Sometimes it feels like we’re failing at life if we aren’t multitasking or if we aren’t in three places at once. We’re tired and worn out and struggle to focus on prayer. What we need is rest: a rest that only Christ can provide.
16 December 2015

Keeping the Faith: When Friends Leave the Church
Everyone knows someone who has left the Church. We’ve heard the statistics. So what do those of us young adults who aren’t leaving the Church, do with this?
11 December 2015

When Our Fire for Christ Dies Out
Have you ever been on fire for Christ, and now wonder how you can rekindle the spark? Here are some things you can do to help reconnect with Christ after the honeymoon period has passed.
2 December 2015

Commitment to Christ
We commit ourselves to all sorts of things these days, but the Church is calling us to commit ourselves, one another and our whole life to Christ our God.
25 November 2015

Living with Gratitude
Sometimes we take important things for granted and this can keep us from living with gratitude.
18 November 2015

The Lies We Tell Ourselves
It’s easy to get so wrapped up worrying what people might think of us, or the ways we judge others, that we forget to see ourselves as we truly are and live as God wants.
12 November 2015

Home is Where the Church is
Over the years we may find different places to call home. But there’s one true home that will never be merely a memory, and never a place far away.
5 November 2015

Three ways to Develop Stronger Friendships in Christ
We all crave closer friendships, but we don’t know where to start. Here are three ways we can develop vulnerability and intimacy in all of our relationships.
30 October 2015

Learning to Walk on Water
Sometimes we can feel like we're drowning in a sea of stress, anxiety, and temptation. But with Christ, we have a solution Who helps us do the impossible.
22 October 2015

Our Personal Role in Healing the Divided Christian Witness
Here are three simple things that you can do to help heal the divided Christian witness where you live.
8 October 2015

I Was Welcomed, Not Argued, Into the Church
Instead of diluting our witness to Christ to soundbites, we should invite others to come and see!
1 October 2015

Be the Church: Bear One Another’s Burdens
The lives of single and married people may look very different, but here are some simple ways we can support each other.
24 September 2015

Everyone’s favorite question: “When are you getting married?”
Not everyone is called to the married life, but each of us is called to the Christian life, and that involves loving all those around us.
16 September 2015

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